Just Visiting

EmbankmentHe was a high roller who had enjoyed the good times, to be sure.

From the word go he had  some outrageous good fortune: an annuity matured; a bank error in his favour. Choosing to invest in the less fashionable areas of the city, the property boom meant he was soon charging exorbitant rents to his tenants. As an investment banker, he had risen to hold a commanding position on the board.

Then, in one fateful moment, the sky had fallen in. Hit with an unforeseen, heavy demand for business rates for his burgeoning portfolio, he landed in difficulty with the taxman, wanting his share of the profits. Remortgaging some properties provided temporary respite, but soon, after one final throw of the dice, the inevitable happened – the banker was sent to jail.

Sitting there in prison, he waited in vain hope that someone might post the surety that would set him free. Maybe his luck would start to turn, and he could throw that double? Hearing some shuffling outside, he rose and looked out the bars of his cell. It was a dog and a racing car passing by. They were just visiting.

Flash fiction tales of mystery and suspense


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