When Winston met Ben

20160907_133845.jpgOne fine summer’s morning
As the clock sounded ten
“Let’s go get a coffee!”
Said Winston to Ben
Americano, latte
Chocolate or chai?
“Mine’s a cappuccino”
The big fella replied
Swapping tales of the old days
And things that they’d seen
Stood here looking out
Across Westminster Green
Poll tax riots
The pound sinking low
Countless prime ministers
(they come and they go)
Political scandals
The selfie sticks
Buses, Diana
The punks and the blitz
So this really happened
And that’s what was said
As the tourists swarmed
(at least, in my head)
And they carried on chatting
This distinguished pair
One fine summer’s morning
In Parliament Square.

Flash fiction tales of mystery and suspense

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