The House with Two Front Doors


In a house with two front doors
Two children lived and played
Blonde, blue-eyed, politely mannered
No ordinary twins were Meg and Daniel
They spoke to one another
Though you never heard a word
They watched the world around them
And saw things no one could
Like the fire that engulfed the factory
The flames climbing higher and higher
It was the visions of innocent children
That helped save countless lives
People fear what they don’t understand
They must pose a risk to our lives!
Ignorance is blind
Out of sight, out of mind
The next day the house was gone
Meg and Daniel, moving on
Hand in hand
Side by side
Holding the keys
To the mysteries of life
In the house with its secrets locked

And in a village many miles away
A peculiar sight appears
Passers-by all stop and stare
They’ve never seen one like that before –
A house with two front doors

Inspired by the House with Two Front Doors, Rye, Sussex, UK

Flash fiction tales of mystery and suspense


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